Braised snakehead fish with white radish Recipe

A little sweet from white radish with fish meat will create one of amazing Vietnam food recipe for all members in your famil. I call this dish is Braised Snakehead Fish with white radish Recipe (Cá lóc kho củ cải trắng).

Braised snakehead fish with white radish recipe

  • 500g snakehead fish
  • 1 white radish (300g)
  • 1 teaspoon caramel sugar syrup
  • Salt, fish sauce, sugar, crushed chillies

Step 1: Clean the snakehead fish, cut into 4cm, add 1 / 2tbs salt, 1 / 2tbs pepper, 1tsb fish sauce, 1 crushed chillies, chopped scallions beginning to penetrate.

Step 2: Cut up white radish, boiled them in a mixture of 2 bowls of water, 1 / 2tbs salt, 1tsb sugar, 1tsb fish sauce

Step 3: Cook snakehead fish with white radish boiled water for about 5 minutes, continue adding into boiled white radish. Taste to suit your flavor, braise for more 20 – 30 minutes and turn off the heat.

Before serving, add more pepper, sliced spring onion and chili on top, it not only helps to increase its flavor, but also create a beautiful dish for your meal. Moreover, you can eat bread with its broth, It is so interesting :D

Hope you will satisfy with this Vietnam food recipes and happy for your cooking.